Army Captain Salary in Pakistan Armed Forces

What to do to Become a Pakistan Armed Forces Captain?

There are many ways to become a Pakistan Army Captain, such as the rank “Captain,” which has many charms but at the same time faces many challenges, is given to those who have served their three years in the Pakistan Army as a lieutenant. A doctor who did his MBBS in civil engineering or a software engineer after doing BSCE can directly apply to be a Captain in the Pakistan Military Force.

Duties of Pakistan Army Captain

He has been assigned to lead a platoon, which usually consists of 30 to 35 soldiers, which are distributed into 2 to 3 groups. He has to see how to lead a platoon in wartime or utilize their energy in wartime situations. While in complicated and secret areas, they are not allowed to keep their families with them because of their national responsibilities. Most of the captains are selected for the United Nations Peace Mission in some African countries. Some of them are also selected for other countries like Iran and Siberia. They usually perform the duties of quartermaster and project officer, too.

Promotion Criteria

The promotion criteria for Captain from Captain and major is a tenure of five years in the Pakistan Army. During these five years, Army Captains must remain in their units and retire mid-career. For this course, infantry officers join the “School of Infantry and Tactics” for this course. Other military officers, like Armor and Artillery, enter. His academy, according to his protection. In the Pakistan Army, it takes five years for a captain to be promoted to major, which is a service condition. Also, a captain must perform well during these five years to attain the rank of major.

Uniforms and Badges

After being selected as a Captain in the Pakistan Arm force, he gets his uniform, which has three pips on it, and each pip contains the logo of the Pakistan Army. His name is also mentioned in his chest pocket.

Army Captain Salary in Pakistan Pay Scale

Army captain salary is based on the BPS-17 scale pay structure. It was nearly 70,000 PKR at the start. Captains of the Pakistan Army also get many other advantages while on duty. Like other government departments, the Pakistan Army rewarded them for their excellent performance. Many benefits like free medical treatment for them. A house is given in the case of marriage, and an apartment is given in the case of unmarried status. However, all children’s Schools are free. All Military personnel or officers can easily travel to any place with 50% off.

The Honor of an Army Captain in Pakistan

At the end of their career, a Captain is honored with many farewell parties, receives valuable gifts, and is given a pension for the rest of his life and a job in a high position. One of his children is selected for the army.

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