ANF ASI Salary – How to become a Narcotics Officer?

Job Summary

You must be familiar with illegal drugs and how using them might disrupt the body’s typical operating processes. An excessive amount of it has a negative effect on the mind and the other organs of the body. There are a significant number of people whose lives have been negatively impacted as a direct result of their addiction to drugs. There are more instances in which a person’s entire life cycle is disrupted; for example, the individual may be unaware of whether it is day or night, or they may sleep for two consecutive days straight. An investigator subinspector or assistant sub inspector ASI is employed by the state to investigate the use of illegal drugs, as well as the trafficking of those narcotics, is called a Narcotics Officer.

The ANF ASI in Pakistan works under the direction of the Sergeant Detective, inspector and the Lieutenant Detective to coordinate the investigation of major criminal cases and significant incidents. Anf asi is responsible for ensuring that the investigation follows all applicable policies, procedures, laws, and regulations. Helps the Sergeant Detective in planning methods and approaches to fulfilling operational demands and carries out additional administrative activities as required by the Sergeant Detective and the Lieutenant Detective.


  • It is the responsibility of a ANF ASI or assistant sub-inspector in anti-narcotics force to investigate and apprehend individuals suspected of being involved in the illegal sale and purchasing of drugs or other narcotics. Before presenting evidence to a magistrate, a narcotics officer must compile the relevant facts and information supporting the case.
  • Coordination with other federal agencies and local law enforcement departments is required if you want to pursue a career as a Narcotics Officer. It is the responsibility of this individual, along with the law officers, to monitor the illicit trade in narcotics and other substances that threatens our environment. A Narcotics Officer carries out an undercover investigation to identify and apprehend those responsible for the illegal distribution of drugs.
  • In anti narcotics job officers are responsible for seizing illegal substances and stopping their distribution in the market. On the street, these prohibited substances fetch a very high price. Combating the possession, sale, and distribution of narcotics is the job of a narcotics officer. To bust a drug trafficking ring, a Narcotics Officer may need to engage in sham narcotics transactions on multiple occasions.
  • The duties of a Narcotics sub-Inspector and assistant sub inspector (ASI) are comparable to those of a regular police inspector. He or she is in charge of dealing with people who traffic illegal goods and drug dealers. It is the job of a narcotics inspector to track down and apprehend the individuals responsible for the production of psychoactive substances.

Working environment

Conducting undercover investigations is a required part of the job of a Narcotics Officer. In addition to doing activities out in the field, he or she also works in an office setting. Investigation of offenses involving drug trafficking and possession of illegal drugs falls under this person’s purview. During a narcotics officer’s career, it is common for them to be absent from their family and friends for days to carry out their duties. These duties include conducting background research, documenting evidence and incidents, and conducting undercover investigations to gather information on the most recent drug trends and to track down the individuals responsible for them, including drug smugglers and suppliers.

How to become a Narcotics Officer?

Step 1: Are you seeking information on becoming a antinarcotics officer? Anf recruitment starts upon graduation from high school, the processes necessary to become a narcotics officer are outlined in the following paragraphs. Participants are expected to have completed their intermediate or FSC studies with an aggregate score of at least 50% in physics, biology, and chemistry from a recognized board. In this section, we covered the topics of eligibility for Narcotics Officer jobs, qualifications for Narcotics Officer jobs, and tests for Narcotics Officer jobs.

Step 2: Examinations for entry must be taken by prospective students at several educational institutions, including universities and colleges. Below is a list of the primary entrance examinations for the narcotics officer course that undergraduate students take.

Step 3: Students are required to enroll in an undergraduate with major subjects in legislative law or criminology program to become a narcotics officer. This is a requirement of the field.

Eligibility: Eligibility requirements stipulate that a person must have Pakistani nationality to work as a Narcotics Officer in Pakistan. It is unacceptable for him or her to be younger than 20. It is expected of individuals that they are in good mental and physical health.


For the force against drugs including the sub-inspector, perks and benefits will be decided after the job is confirmed. Based on the bps revised pay scale chart, it is an official definition. An example. Anyone wanting an idea should remember that the minimum ANF ASI salary in Pakistan depending on the BPS 14 scale is Rs. 15,180. The inspector of the legal anti-drug force’s salary and benefits would increase in 30 stages. These stages are critical because they need to be changed every year and are major milestones for getting a fair share of the pay scale. After getting specific training and increment, their salary could be increased to 60,000+.

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